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Meet Naimah

A lifelong athlete and all-around fitness guru, Naimah Madden is incredibly passionate about helping her clients increase their mobility and strengthen stability, which ultimately leads to extending peak performance. As a competitive gymnast, Capoeirista, volleyball player, and former Richmond Firefighter, Naimah has spent a lifetime competing and performing in many arenas where strength, flexibility, and agility have been required to be successful.

Naimah is not only a highly sought after high performance trainer, she continues to rigorously train personally on a weekly basis across a variety of sports disciplines. Staying active as a mother of 4 and business owner requires dedication, discipline and focus, which she brings to all of her clients.

Her personal experience coping with injury and rehabilitation from a torn ACL, a fractured lumbar spine, torn hip labrum and reconstructive hip surgery has served as a catalyst to find methods to help people maximize their individual physical capabilities and exceed their fitness goals.

Naimah completed her Pilates certification through Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI) in 2006 under the tutelage of Kristi Cooper White and has taught at studios across the country including Mercury Fitness and Maiden Lane Studios in San Francisco and Higher Health Chiropractic and Rehab and Pilates Denver in Colorado. She received her level 3 certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy from the Stretch to Win Institute and also received her certification in The Booty Barreā„¢ method under creator Tracey Mallett.